Great food, great wine and some jaw dropping landscapes.

Nestled in the Caucasus region between Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia is the country of Georgia. This former Soviet Union state has changed greatly over the past 30 years, since gaining it’s independence in 1991. The country is now enjoying a cultural and economic renaissance, making it a fascinating time to visit. While it’s location next to the sabre rattling Russia continues to be a sore point, future accessions into the EU and the ongoing development of the country suggest it has a bright future. 

Over recent years Georgia has become an increasingly popular destination, drawing in visitors with it’s marvellous scenery, mountain hiking and exceptional vineyards. It’s location amongst the Caucasus Mountains ensures an abundances of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. It’s often wild and spectacular landscapes is also marked with monasteries, churches and other historical sites. However Georgia is not completely rural and there’s plenty of towns and cities to explore. The highlight is the capital city, Tbilisi, which has become an increasingly vibrant destination. The country’s culinary scene is also evolving fast with its distinctive hearty cuisine, accompanied by fine Georgian wine, which the country has a long history of producing. 

Gergeti Church on a hilltop overlooking the town of Kazbegi in Georgia
Gergeti Church on a hilltop overlooking the town of Kazbegi in Georgia


Georgia is located in the Caucasus region in far eastern Europe. The region is sandwiched between the Black Sea to the west and the Caspian Sea to the east. Georgia shares borders with 4 other countries in the area; Russia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, Armenia to the south and Turkey to the south west. While it doesn’t have a coastline along the Caspian Sea, Georgia does have a substantial Black Sea coastline, which comes alive in the summer months. Much of the country is mountainous and many areas along the Russian border in the north are especially remote. 

Best time to visit Georgia

Georgia’s climate is characterised by extremes. The winter months are bitterly cold and bring swathes of snow, while the summer months can be ferociously hot and humid. So unless you’re planning on spending most of your time along the Black Sea coast or at high altitude, avoiding these season is highly recommended. This means that the spring / early summer or autumn is the best time to visit. During these times you’ll find warm pleasant days and mild evenings, perfect conditions for hiking Georgia’s many mountains and trails. Autumn brings the additional benefit of spectacular fall colours across the forests and wine regions, although temperatures tend to be a little cooler than in spring time. 

Medieval fortress on a hill in Gori Georgia
The city of Gori was the birthplace of Stalin and is set around a medieval fortress on a hill

Best Things to see in Georgia

For such a small country Georgia packs in a lot of highlights. Firstly there’s some good historical towns and cities, which are increasingly combining a modern twist. Then there’s the wonderful hiking that’s available throughout the country. Given that 85% of Georgia is mountainous, it’s no surprise that there’s world class hiking where ever you choose to go. Last but by no means least is the country’s rich history and heritage. There’s some excellent sites to explore, dating from the recent past back to over 3000 years ago.

Aerial view of the city of Batumi
Spectacular Batumi is the seaside and summer capital of Georgia.

Best towns and cities in Georgia

While Georgia’s size and geography doesn’t lend itself to large cities and towns, there’s still plenty of good options for city lovers. From the historic capital of Tbilisi to the seaside capital of Batumi, you’ll find a good range of interesting towns and cities to explore. 

Our top 5 best towns and cities to visit in Georgia are:

  1. Tbilisi
  2. Batumi
  3. Signagi
  4. Gori
  5. Kutaisi

Best places to hike in Georgia

Georgians claim to have the most beautiful countryside in the world and it’s hard to argue. There’s a huge amount of hiking routes to explore, so we’ve had to limit this list to regions rather than individual hikes. 

Our top 5 best places to hike in Georgia are:

  1. Svaneti
  2. Tusheti National Park
  3. Kazbegi
  4. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park
  5. Khada Gorge

Best historical sights in Georgia

Georgia’s long and sometimes complex history has left a wealth of historical sights across the country. From the cave cities, to countless stone towers, monasteries and castles, there’s no shortage of things to see. 

Our top 5 best historical sights in Georgia are:

  1. Davit Gareja
  2. Old Town Tbilisi
  3. Vardzia Caves
  4. Narikala Fortress
  5. Uplistsikhe Cave City

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