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It’s with good reason that many regard Australia as the land of milk and honey. This spectacular country has been blessed in many ways; endless natural resources, an amazing 16,000 mile long coastline, spectacular scenery and a largely warm year round climate. From these amazing building blocks has emerged a cosmopolitan nation. It’s one that has built vibrant, beautiful cities, embraced the natural gifts of the country and created an amazing outdoor culture. From beaches to BBQ’s and surfing to Aussie Rules football, a visit to Australia is a unique experience. So while it’s a long way from almost everywhere else in the world, it’s a destination that more than justifies the journey.

Australia’s appeal is threefold; amazing outdoor living, wonderful cities and spectacular landscapes. The outdoor lifestyle is for many what symbolises the real Australia. Whether it’s surfing, cricket, rugby, beach days or BBQ’s, it’s this lifestyle that has made Australia such an iconic destination. Australia is also home to some iconic cities with Syndey the jewel in the crown. Featuring architectural gems including the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Darling Harbour as well as the iconic Bondi Beach, it’s a city that visitors flock to. Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane are also magnificent cities that also attract significant visitor numbers.  Then we have Australia’s stupendous landscape and natural attractions. Uluru, the 12 Apostles, the Blue Mountains, the Pinnacles and the Great Barrier Reef are just some of the amazing natural attractions. 

Sydney cityscape and harbour from above
Sydney Harbour, home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge


Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere and is the largest island in the world. Measuring 2500 miles in width and and almost 2000 miles in length, it covers 2.97 million square miles. This makes it the 6th largest country in the world. Australia is located within the continent of Australasia / Oceania and constitutes the vast majority of the continents population and land mass.   

Coral Bay and Bills Bay at sunrise in Western Australia
The spectacular Coral Bay with the marine life rich Ningaloo Reef just offshore.

Best Time to Visit Australia

Australia’s climate is becoming increasingly hot. The heat alongside the wet season, which impacts a lot of northern tropical Australia, are the biggest factors in deciding when to visit. As a typical rule, this northern tropical area, which includes Queensland, the Northern Territory and parts of West Australia is best visited during the winter. This period, which runs from April through September is typically warm, dry and comfortable. Outside of this period it’s the opposite; very hot, wet and uncomfortable. 

In the southern half of the country, the spring and autumn are generally regarded as the best months to visit. Temperatures are warm without being too hot, days are typically sunny and largely rain free. In contrast the winters can be cool and wet, while the summer months can become unbearably hot.

12 apostles on great ocean road
The 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road are a highlight of this road trip.

Best Things to do in Australia

Any visit to Australia should try to combine Australia’s key ingredients. Amazing cities, natural attractions and a good dose of Australia’s outdoor lifestyle are essentials for an amazing trip. While distances between cities and sights can be substantial, Australia’s good domestic flight schedule and excellent road network make it possible to squeeze in a couple of states within a 2 week visit. Try to see at least a couple of the highlights listed below to make the most of your visit.

Best Cities in Australia

Modern, stylish and vibrant, there’s so much to like about Australia’s cities. While they have a lot in common, they also each have their own identities, arts scene and vibe.
Our top 5 cities to visit in Australia are:
  1. Sydney, New South Wales
  2. Melbourne, Victoria
  3. Perth, Western Australia
  4. Brisbane, Queensland
  5. Adelaide, South Australia

Best Natural Attractions in Australia

This is a category where you could easily list a hundred or more different destinations. Australia is truly blessed with natural attractions and all of these are a must for any visit.

Our top 5 natural attractions in Australia are: 

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland
  2. Uluru, Northern Territory
  3. The Pinnacles, Western Australia
  4. 12 Apostles, Victoria
  5. Blue Mountains, New South Wales

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