A world of adventure lays ahead of you

Making a decision on where to go on your next trip is always difficult. Perhaps you’re torn between a city break and a beach escape. Maybe your next trip is just a short break or a well earned 2 week getaway. Maybe it’s even a once in a lifetime bucket list trip. Whatever the type of trip or the location, we’ve got a host of great ideas and travel itineraries for you.  Our guides below provide great ideas and itineraries, split by continent for a host of different locations. Alternatively if you already have a specific country in mind, why not visit our country A-Z page to find country specific travel ideas. If it’s a specific type of trip you’re thinking of, why not visit our trip types page to search for relevant trips. 

North America

A vast continent of contrasts, home to some of the largest and greatest cities in the world.

South America

Home to Christ the Redeemer, Machu Picchu and Iguazu Falls, South America is a destination not to be missed.


A cosmopolitan land of fine cuisines, complex and intriguing histories, stunning landscapes and unforgettable sites.


An area as diverse as it is populated. From Russia in the West to Papua New Guinea in the East, Asia is diverse and captivating.


From the Sahara Desert to the Kenyan Savannah, Africa is a nature lovers paradise, but Africa has much more to offer.


From the heat of the Outback, to the tranquillity of rural New Zealand. This far flung continent has much to offer.