Perth to Jurien Bay Road Trip

There’s no shortage of spectacular locations in Western Australia, but the stretch between Perth and Jurien Bay somehow manages to pack in more than most. The area has sensational beaches, fine national parks, and fantastic scenery. With some excellent towns to visit and overnight in, plus superb roads, the area has all the vital ingredients for an amazing road trip experience. So, while you could drive the route in just over a couple of hours, why not stretch out the trip and take in some of the attractions along the way? Throughout this guide, we’ll provide you with the best routes and things to see on a Perth to Jurien Bay road trip.

Distance From Perth to Jurien Bay

It’s 217 km from the state capital of Perth to the tourist town of Jurien Bay along the Indian Ocean Highway. It’s a spectacular drive that should take you just over 2 hours to complete if you don’t stop along the way. However, there are many good reasons to stop, which is why this short stretch of Western Australia is a popular road trip destination. 

Aerial view along the coastline of Jurien Bay
Destination Jurien Bay with it's long pristine coastline

Best Road Trip Routes Between Perth and Jurien Bay

When traveling between Perth and Jurien Bay, there are a couple of different routes you can take. Both of these routes offer a range of different attractions as well as quite different scenery. The first of these routes is the Inland Route, which follows the Brand Highway before passing through Nambung National Park and onto Jurien Bay. The second route is the Coastal Route, which follows the Indian Ocean Highway and hugs the west coast. There’s very little difference between the two routes in terms of either time or distance. The real determining factor in deciding which route to take will be the attractions you want to see along the way.  


Main Attractions


Driving Time

Inland Route

  • Outback Splash

  • Moore River National Park

  • Badgingarra National Park

  • Nambung National Park / Pinnacles

250 km

2 hours 45 minutes

Coastal Route

  • Yanchep

  • Guilderton

  • Lancelin

  • Wedge Island

  • Cervantes / Pinnacles

217 km

2 hours 15 minutes

Inland Route via Nambung National Park

The inland route to Jurien Bay starts on State Route 4, which takes you beyond Perth’s city limits. You then join the Brand Highway (National Highway 1), which heads due north. You’ll pass by Outback Splash after 30 minutes of your journey and Moore River National Park after a further 45 minutes. These are two very different but equally enjoyable stops.

Continuing north, you have the option to turn westbound through the Nambung National Park or to continue a little longer on the Brand Highway to Badgingarra National Park. If you choose the latter option, you must retrace your steps for 20 km along the Brand Highway before heading west on Bibby Road through the Nambung National Park.

The final part of the journey follows the same route as the Coastal Route, traveling along the Indian Ocean Highway into Jurien Bay. 

The Coastal Route Along Indian Ocean Drive

The Coastal Route to Jurien Bay commences on State Route 2, the first part of the Indian Ocean Drive. After 20km on this road, you exit onto State Route 60, which continues north and takes you past your first possible stop, the town of Yanchep and the nearby Yanchep National Park. From here, it’s a short 15-minute drive to the next possible stop at pristine Guilderton.

The route continues north through varying landscapes, with the sand dunes of Lancelin one of the most notable features and a great place to stop on the way. Slightly further north is quirky Wedge Island and the spectacular Wedge Island Point Beach. Another 30 minutes north to Cervantes, the gateway to Nambung National Park and the spectacular Pinnacles. Finally, it’s an easy 20-minute drive from Cervantes to your final destination of Jurien Bay. 

Best Things to see on a Road Trip Between Perth and Jurien Bay

There’s no shortage of places to stop and things to see between Perth and Jurien Bay. The inland route along the Brand Highway tends to be mainly focused on national parks, while the coastal route offers more variety. There are plenty of towns, beaches, and places of interest along the way on the Coastal Route.

Inland Route via Nambung National Park

Outback Splash – Just 30 minutes outside of Perth and directly off the Tonkin Highway, this water park is a popular destination. The big attraction here is the waterslides, but there’s everything else you need for a fun day in the sun. There’s a pool, cabanas, and a café, as well as attached crazy golf, mazes, and a small petting zoo.

Moore River National Park – This little visited national park is home to the Moore River, which eventually flows on to Guilderton and the Indian Ocean. There’s not much in the way of facilities in the park, but the banksia heathland, which dominates the park, is ideal for bushwalking. The 220-square-kilometre park is especially attractive during the wildflower season between September and November.

Badgingarra National Park – This is another national park right on the Brand Highway. It provides a very different habitat to Moore River, with the landscape comprising sandplains and hills. Walks along well-established trails such as the Vern Westbrook Loop Walk and Badgingarra Nature Trail are especially rewarding during wildflower season. Maps of the park and a hot meal are available at the nearby Badgingarra Roadhouse.

Nambung National Park / Pinnacles – This national park is home to one of Western Australia’s most famous landscapes. Thousands of ancient limestone pillars can be found within the park and are better known as the Pinnacles. There are plenty of different walking and driving trails within the park, and it’s also accessible by 2WD vehicles. Try to visit during sunrise or sunset when the park is at its best.

A boy and his mother climbing a sand dune at Lancelin.
The enormous sand dunes at Lancelin are a great stop on the way to Jurien bay.

The Coastal Route Along Indian Ocean Drive

Yanchep & Yanchep National Park – Around 50 km north of Perth is the town of Yanchep, along with Yanchep National Park. It’s a pleasant town with a long, beautiful beach and a laid-back vibe. The nearby national park is a big attraction with a network of caves throughout the park. Tours of Crystal Cave and Yonderup Cave are very popular, and you get to see some very impressive stalactites and stalagmites. There are also ample bushwalking routes, where you’ll see the abundant birdlife that frequents the park.

Guilderton – This small town sits at the mouth of the Moore River and is one of Western Australia’s best-kept secrets. The distinct lack of development in the area creates a pristine natural environment. In terms of entertainment, there are plenty of activities in and on the water to keep you busy, while there are some exceptional coastal nature walks. It’s a wonderful, low-key destination that is well worth a stop. The nearby twin attractions of the Gravity Discovery Centre and Gingin Observatory are also well worth a visit. 

Lancelin – The Lancelin sand dunes and, to a lesser extent, the town of Lancelin is a popular stop along the Indian Ocean Highway. The dunes are the largest in Western Australia, and they’re somewhat of an adventure center in the Wheatbelt. Sandboarding, dune surfing, dirt biking, quad biking, and off-roading are all popular activities. Sandboards can be hired for just $10 from several local vendors in town.  

Wedge Island – Tiny Wedge Island, just north of Lancelin, is probably the quirkiest stop along the route. The tiny island is accessible by land when the tide goes out and is home to hundreds of beach shacks. The island is adjacent to Wedge Island Point Beach, one of the quietest and most spectacular beaches in the area. There’s a small settlement that lives alongside the beach in various shacks, most without electricity. This small township is part of the area’s unique charm and character.

Cervantes and Nambung National Park – The fishing town of Cervantes is a great little stop in its own right, but it’s also the gateway to the Nambung National Park. It’s a good location for an overnight stop, and the famous Lobster Shack serves excellent freshly caught lobster. Nearby Nambung National Park is, of course, home to the spectacular Pinnacles, one of Western Australia’s most iconic sights. They’re a must-see attraction along this stretch of Western Australia. 

Other Ways to Travel from Perth to Jurien Bay

If you don’t have your own vehicle or if you don’t want to make the 217 km drive from Perth to Jurien Bay yourself, there is an alternative option. Two coach operators offer regular services between Perth and Jurien Bay. The first operator, Transwa, offers two services per week, while Integrity Coach Lines offers three services weekly. The journey takes between 3 hours and 3 hours and 30 minutes and costs in the region of $50. Discounts for concessions can reduce the cost to just $25. 

The Pinnacles of Namburg National Park at sunrise
The Pinnacles are most magical at sunrise and sunset.

Best Time for a Road Trip Between Perth and Jurien Bay

The best time for a road trip between Perth and Jurien Bay is late spring or early autumn. During this time, you’ll enjoy great weather, characterized by warm, sunny days with very little rain. It’s the perfect conditions to take advantage of the exceptional beaches and national parks along the way. 

The big advantage of visiting during these periods and not in the summer is avoiding summer crowds. As the summer falls across Christmas and the main school holiday season, it means there are a lot of local tourists on the roads, at the beaches, and in the national parks. While it’s not a show stopper, there’s no denying that you’ll see few crowds and have a wider choice of accommodation outside of summer. 

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