Perth to Bremer Bay Road Trip

Western Australia has all the ingredients for an amazing road trip experience. The area is blessed with long, open stretches of good-quality roads, amazing scenery, spectacular sights, and some of the best beaches in the world. Throw in a well-established network of campsites, roadhouses, and motels, and you’ve got the perfect destination to hit the road. 

One of our favorite road trips in the area is from Perth to Bremer Bay. It’s a route that takes in some of the best attractions, landscapes, and beaches that Western Australia offers. It’s a journey from the cosmopolitan state capital to one of Australia’s most spectacular coastal destinations. So strap in and read on to find out about the best routes, places to stop, and things to see on a road trip between Perth and beautiful Bremer Bay.

How far is it from Perth to Bremer Bay?

It’s a comfortable 504 km drive from Perth on Australia’s west coast to Bremer Bay on the south coast. This assumes you follow the most direct road route using the Albany Highway, Great Southern Highway, and some minor roads for the final leg of your trip. If you’re driving non-stop, the journey can be completed in 5 hours and 30 minutes. However, if you factor in a few rest stops, it’s much more likely to take you between 7 to 8 hours. However, why would you want to rush with so much to see along the way? 

View of the Perth skyline at night
The modern city of Perth is the starting point for this road trip.

Best Routes Between Perth and Bremer Bay

You can take many different routes when traveling between Perth and Bremer Bay. These routes head out of Perth in different directions, but all converge as you get closer to your final destination of Bremer Bay. The route you choose will generally be dictated by how much time you have and the kind of attractions you want to see along the way. There are three main routes you can take between Perth and Bremer Bay. 

The first of these routes is the Direct Route, which utilizes faster roads, including the Albany Highway and Great Southern Highway. The emphasis on this route is on getting to Bremer Bay quickly, so there are fewer attractions and potential stops along the way.

The second route is the alternative inland route. This route heads out to the east towards the town of Hymen and the main attraction of this route, the awesome Wave Rock. The route turns southwards from here, and you travel through Lake Grace and past several interesting attractions. It’s a route for travelers who want to get off the beaten track and see some of Australia’s rural, small-town charm.

The final route is the coastal route, which takes in the best of Australia’s stunning south-western coastline. Heading south out of Perth, the route takes you through Margaret River before heading towards Walpole, Albany, and Bremer Bay. It’s the longest route but the one with the most attractions and potential stops. This is the route to travel if you’re a beach lover. 



Driving Time

Direct Route

504 km

5 hours 30 minutes 

Alternative Inland Route

667 km 

7 hours 30 minutes

Coastal Route

817 km

9 hours

Direct Route

Starting from the center of Perth, your journey begins by departing the city via a route that combines State Route 2 and State Route 14. Approximately 5 kilometers into your drive, you’ll merge onto State Route 30, the Albany Highway. As you exit Perth, you’ll pass by a few attractions that are well worth visiting. The first is Cohunu Koala Park, with the Serpentine Falls in the Serpentine National Park following shortly after. 

You’ll continue along the Albany Highway for over 200 km before turning off in Beaufort River. Along this stretch of road, you can take a couple of possible detours to the east. The first is the Barna Mia Nocturnal Wildlife Experience, while further south is the Giant Ram Park in Wagin. Once you reach Beaufort River, you’ll turn off onto Robinson Road, which leads you to Woodanilling. There’s a nice little tavern here if you need refreshments. 

From Woodanilling, you continue south along the Great Southern Highway. You switch to the Broomehill-Gnowangerup Road before turning onto the Borden-Bremer Bay Road at Boxwood Hill. By the time you arrive at Bremer Bay, you will have covered just over 500 km with a driving time of 5 hours and 30 minutes. These could be considerably higher if you’ve incorporated any detours and attractions in your route. 

Best Things to see on the Direct Route

Cohunu Koala Park: This renowned attraction sprawls across 14 hectares of bushland beyond Perth’s city boundaries. It serves as the home habitat for 25 charming koalas. It’s the perfect spot to capture that iconic photo of yourself cuddling a koala. The park also offers opportunities to observe native Australian animals such as dingoes, wallabies, and emus. Beyond its wildlife, the park also boasts an impressive miniature railway and a space observatory among its eclectic attractions.

Serpentine National Park: This picturesque national park is home to the popular Serpentine Falls. It’s a great place to swim, especially on a hot summer day or after a hike. The park is home to several rewarding hiking trails, and there’s an abundance of indigenous fauna to see along the way. The park transforms into a colorful tapestry of wildflowers during spring, creating a stunning spectacle.

Barna Mia Nocturnal Wildlife Experience: Nestled in remote and protected woodlands, this delightful sanctuary has a noble mission – safeguarding native animals facing the threat of extinction. Accessible through small, organized tours, this experience comes highly recommended, offering near-certain sightings of malas, bilbies, possums, quendas, and boodies.

Giant Ram Park: Found in the charming town of Wagin, the Giant Ram statue within Giant Ram Park has become a local icon. The statue is set within a pleasant park surrounded by excellent local diners and cafes, making it an ideal location for a leisurely lunch stop.

View of the Serpentine Falls in Serpentine National park just outside of Perth
The Serpentine Falls in Serpentine National Park are a popular stop just outside of Perth.

Alternative Inland Route

The Alternative Inland Route starts from central Perth. Exiting the city involves using a combination of State Routes 65, 8, and 41. After covering an 8-kilometer stretch, your route veers onto State Route 40, the Brookton Highway. This scenic highway will guide you 324 kilometers to the town of Hyden, the gateway to the beautiful Wave Rock. Hyden is also a good destination for an overnight stop with various accommodation and dining options.

You’ll need to retrace your tracks from Hyden to Karlgarin, from where your route turns southwards along the Pederah Road. There are some good stops south of Karlgarin.  The first of these is Buckley’s Breakaway, another distinctive rock formation. Further south, there’s the quaint town of Lake Grace and the highly recommended Walkers Hill Vineyard.

Continuing southward from Lake Grace, the route proceeds through Pingrup to the small town of Ongerup. This interesting little town is home to the Yongernow Australian Malleefowl Centre and Cafe and the Ongerup & Needilup District Museum. Both are charming little stops if you have the time. From Ongerup, you head east to Jerramungup, where the journey turns south. 

The final leg of the journey takes you south along the South Coast Highway. At Gairdner, you turn onto Gairdner Road, which takes you to Borden-Bremer Bay Road, where the route converges with the other routes. It’s then just a short drive into Bremer Bay itself. You will have covered 667 km by the end of the route, plus any detours you may have added in. The total driving time for this route should be in the region of 7 hours and 30 minutes. 

Best Things to see on the Alternative Inland Route

Wave Rock: Situated just outside the town of Hyden, this renowned natural wonder stands at an impressive 15 meters in height and stretches over a remarkable 110 meters in length. It resembles an enormous wave frozen in time. It holds great cultural significance for the indigenous Ballardong people and the substantial local surfing community in Western Australia.

Buckley’s Breakaway: Another distinctive rock formation in the vicinity, Buckley’s Breakaway doesn’t match the sheer size and grandeur of nearby Wave Rock. However, its unique white and pink rock formation is well worth experiencing. Accessing the site involves an unsealed track, but the road remains easily navigable for all types of vehicles.

Walkers Hill Vineyard: Positioned just to the north of Lake Grace, this award-winning winery is an excellent spot to pause for a delectable meal and a couple of indulgent drinks. While its exterior may not initially catch your eye, we assure you that the food and wine offerings here are exceptional.

Lake Grace: This quaint town, named after the adjacent salt lake, provides an excellent opportunity for an overnight stop. With a selection of quality hotels and dining establishments, Lake Grace offers a pleasant break. The town also has access to some noteworthy nearby attractions. The old Stationmaster’s House, which now serves as the visitor center, is one such attraction. It offers comprehensive information and insights into the town’s settler heritage. Several other local museums and the stunning sight of the Salt Lake can easily occupy you for a day or more.

Yongergnow Australian Malleefowl Centre and Café: Located in Ongerup, this charming attraction is dedicated to the preservation and education surrounding the iconic Australian Malleefowl bird. The center boasts informative displays, illuminating the Malleefowl’s behavior and natural habitat. Visitors also have the chance to observe live Malleefowl within a natural enclosure. The on-site café offers a delightful dining experience, serving delectable meals amid picturesque surroundings.

Ongerup & Needilup District Museum: Housed within a historic building, the Ongerup & Needilup District Museum offers a rich history lesson on this small rural community. The museum is a repository of diverse artifacts and exhibits reflecting the region’s heritage. Here, you can delve into the area’s agricultural history, indigenous culture, and pioneer life through a remarkable collection of photographs, tools, clothing, and memorabilia.

View along the 15 meter high and 110 metre long wave rock
The stunning natural Wave Rock is a highlight of the inland route.

Coastal Route

The final and longest route is the Coastal Route. It begins by exiting Perth along State Route 2,  passing by the twin attractions of Rockingham Beach and Penguin Island. Although you’ve barely left the Perth city limits, both these places are worth a stop. Your route continues south along State Route 2, and before long, you’ll pass Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park. It’s an especially good stop if you have young kids in tow.

The route then switches onto State Route 10, which guides us on a scenic journey to the charming city of Busselton.  It’s an appealing stopover destination with its celebrated historic jetty and a well-planned foreshore. The beach seemingly extends forever.  The town is a popular and convenient base for exploring the wider region.

From Busselton, we resume our southbound trajectory on State Route 10. After 51 kilometers and roughly 45 minutes of driving, we arrive in the vibrant town of Margaret River. Renowned for its pristine beaches and excellent vineyards, it’s well worth a stop for a day or longer. From Margaret River, we continue along State Route 10, heading southeast toward Pemberton. The route traverses a landscape adorned with numerous national parks, each deserving of a detour for its rich natural attractions. We exit State Route 10 and join the Vasse Highway, which brings us into Pemberton. This town is another good location to stay overnight and is a good base for exploring the countless surrounding national parks. 

We follow the picturesque Vasse Highway from Pemberton before joining National Highway 1. This major highway takes us past the picturesque coastal towns of Walpole and Denmark onto the historic city of Albany. This is another good option for a layover with plenty to see in the city and the surrounding areas.

From Albany, we head on the final leg of our journey to Bremer Bay. We follow National Highway 1 for most of the journey, passing by numerous beaches. Our pick of these beaches is Cheyne Beach, with its rich marine life. At Boxwood Hill, you join the Borden – Bremer Bay Road, which takes you the final few kilometers to Bremer Bay. 

Aerial view of Busselton Jetty
Busselton's Jetty stretches out for an incredible 1.8 km over the waters of Geographe Bay

Best Things to see on the Coastal Route

Rockingham Beach: Located south of Perth, this beach has earned popularity for its serene and shallow waters. It’s an ideal spot for swimming and wading. The beach boasts pristine white sand, and the foreshore is among the finest in the region. It is an excellent launching point for exploring the surrounding area, including Penguin Island.

Penguin Island: Just a brief 5-minute ferry ride from the mainland, you’ll find the renowned Penguin Island. Home to a colony of 250 penguins, the island also houses a significant population of sea lions and dolphins. Embarking on a boat cruise or kayaking adventure around the island offers a high likelihood of encountering these fascinating creatures.

Ranger Red’s Zoo and Conservation Park: Situated south of Rockingham in Pinjarra, this attraction is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Boasting over 150 species of native and exotic animals, it provides a unique and interactive experience with its resident animals. Many of the animals can be hand-fed, and you even have the option to try your hand at zookeeping.

Busselton: The city of Busselton ranks among Western Australia’s top destinations. Nestled on the picturesque Geographe Bay, the town boasts a stunning 15-kilometer beach that gracefully curves around the bay. It is also home to the impressive Busselton Foreshore and the iconic Busselton Jetty, extending a staggering 1.8 kilometers into the ocean, making it the largest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere.

Margaret River Wineries: While there are many reasons to visit Margaret River, its wineries are undoubtedly among the best attractions. Cape Mentelle Vineyards, Voyager Estates, and Stella Bella Wines are some standout options, offering wine tastings and delectable culinary experiences.

Margaret River Beaches: Another compelling reason to visit Margaret River is its breathtaking beaches. Some of the most notable include Meelup, Bunker Bay, Yallingup, Smith’s, Indijup, and Hamelin Bay. For more detailed information, refer to our comprehensive guide on the area’s best beaches.

Pemberton: The charming town of Pemberton is an excellent hub for exploring the numerous surrounding national parks. Located adjacent to Gloucester National Park, renowned for its 52-meter climbable tree, Pemberton offers plenty of waterfalls and hiking trails. In the town itself, the Pemberton Tramway Company offers twice-daily 75-minute tram excursions around the picturesque surroundings.

Walpole: This delightful coastal town is an excellent base for exploring the nearby Walpole-Nornalup National Park. Within the park, you’ll discover Giant Tingle Trees, and the popular Valley of the Giants presents a remarkable wilderness experience, featuring a 400-meter-long skywalk amidst the tree canopies. Nearby, you’ll also find the engaging Denmark Dinosaur World.

Cheyne Beach: Tucked away in the Albany region, Cheyne Beach is a hidden gem boasting pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters. However, what sets it apart is the abundant marine life. It’s common to spot pods of dolphins and even Great Southern Right Whales here. Whether you’re snorkeling, fishing, or boating, the sea here teems with life.

Rust colored boulders in front of a perfect white beach at Bremer Bay
Stunning Bremer Bay is the final destination for this great little road trip.

Best Time to Visit Bremer Bay

The ideal time to explore Bremer Bay falls within the Australian spring, from September to November. During this season, you can enjoy a fine climate featuring mild temperatures, reduced rainfall, and a peaceful atmosphere free from the summer crowds. Moreover, spring brings the added attraction of vibrant wildflowers in Fitzgerald River National Park, enhancing the area’s natural appeal.

However, deciding the best time to visit may hinge on your planned activities. For instance, if you’re keen on whale watching, the optimal period is limited to the winter months of July and August. On the other hand, if your goal is to enjoy long, leisurely beach days or indulge in exceptional snorkeling experiences, then the summer months from December to February would be your best option.

Bremer Bay consistently offers a warm and inviting atmosphere regardless of when you choose to visit. As a year-round holiday destination, there’s no bad time to explore the wonders of Bremer Bay.

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