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View of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Can you Drive to Morocco?

You can drive to Morocco from the neighboring countries of Spain and Mauritania, but not Algeria, despite a nearly 2000 km long border between the two countries. Travel between Morocco and any of its neighbors comes with its fair share of challenges. At first glance, you could be mistaken for

The Bungle Bungle range in Purnululu National Park, Western Australia

10 Best National Parks in Western Australia

If you love solitude, amazing landscapes, and vast open spaces, you’re going to love Western Australia. This amazing land, and the northwest in particular, is often referred to as the ‘Last Frontier’. It’s a land of endless remote possibilities and nowhere showcases this better than the amazing array of national

The Museum of Independence building in Vlore

17 Best Things to do in Vlore

The Albanian port city of Vlore is one of Albania’s spectacular coastal highlights. Situated at the northern end of the Albanian Riviera and overlooking the beautiful Bay of Vlore, the city is blessed with a wealth of attractions. The home of Albanian independence and the gateway to the Riviera, the

Arctic Settlement in Northwest Territories

Can you Drive to Tuktoyaktuk?

You can drive to remote Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean using the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway, also known as the “Mackenzie Highway” or “Tuk Highway.” The road provides access to Tuktoyaktuk from Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. Inuvik is accessible from mainland Canada by using the Dempster Highway, which runs all the

Sunrise as seen from Gasparilla Island

Can you Drive to Gasparilla Island?

It’s possible to drive to beautiful Gasparilla Island from the nearby Florida mainland using a bridge known as the Boca Grande Causeway. The causeway connects the unincorporated community of Placida on the mainland to the northern tip of Gasparilla Island, allowing vehicles to access the island. There’s a $6 round

Parrot on a branch in Guyana

Can you Drive to Guyana?

You can drive to Guyana but only from one of the three South American countries with a common land border. The border crossing with neighboring Brazil in the southwest of Guyana is currently the only open crossing. However, it is located in a very remote region. There are currently no

Friendship Bridge between Paraguay and Brazil

Can you Drive to Paraguay?

You can drive to Paraguay from each of the 3 South American countries with a common land border. There are numerous border crossings between Paraguay and neighboring Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. It’s also possible to drive to Paraguay from the United States as part of a larger Pan-American road trip.

Aerial view of a frozen Hudson Bay

Can you Drive to Hudson Bay?

While driving to Hudson Bay is possible, it’s not always a simple or easy journey. The remote location makes reaching it a real challenge, particularly in the West. Even if you manage to reach the shores of Hudson Bay, there’s little or no prospect of onward travel. The area’s remote

Sea shells on the beach at Shell Island

Can you Drive to Shell Island?

It is impossible to drive to the untouched paradise of Shell Island in northern Florida as there are no bridges or road connections between the island and the mainland.  The only way to reach the island is by traveling on the Shell Island Ferry or a private boat. As the

Old pier on Anna Maria Island

Can you Drive to Anna Maria Island?

You can drive to Anna Maria Island by using any one of three different bridges that connect the island with the Florida mainland and the neighbouring islands. The most common route is via State Road 64 (also known as Manatee Avenue), which crosses via the Anna Maria Island Bridge. If

Aerial view of Churchill in Manitoba

Can you Drive to Churchill Manitoba?

You can drive to Churchill in Manitoba, but only during winter when a seasonal ice road is constructed. For the rest of the year, the only way to reach Churchill is by train, plane or occasionally by boat. There is no permanent direct road access to Churchill from the rest

Can you Drive to Nunavut?

You cannot drive directly to Nunavut in Canada due to the lack of permanent roads in the Territory. There are no road connections with neighboring Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, or any other part of Canada, making road travel impossible. The area’s remote location, sparse population, challenging geography, and harsh climate

Sunset over a pier and the sea in Cape Cod

Can you Drive to Cape Cod?

You can drive to scenic Cape Cod using either the Sagamore Bridge on US-6 E or the Bourne Bridge on MA-28 S. Both bridges cross the Cape Cod Canal, which was constructed way back in 1916. The canal separates the entire Cape Cod peninsula from the mainland, which technically makes

Can you Drive to Yellowknife?

You can drive to the city of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories by using a combination of the Mackenzie Highway and then the Yellowknife Highway. While there’s a paved road all the way to Yellowknife, you’ll still need an adventurous spirit and plenty of stamina for the journey. The city

Skogafoss waterfall in iceland

Can you Drive to Iceland?

It is not possible to drive directly to Iceland as it is an island nation, which isn’t connected to any other country by land. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is over 175 miles from its nearest neighbour, Greenland. Such a distance makes the idea of any bridge or

Small country road running through vast farmlands in central Uruguay

Can you Drive to Uruguay?

You can drive to Uruguay from the neighbouring countries of Brazil and Argentina. While the drive from Argentina is more challenging given the two countries are separated for the most part by the Rio de la Plata, it’s still perfectly possibly to get there with the aid of a bridge

Colorado Lagoon Desert panorama, Altiplano, Bolivia

Can you Drive to Bolivia?

You can drive to Bolivia from any one of the five countries with which it shares a common land border. You’ll find direct road connections between Bolivia and neighboring Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Peru. As a landlocked country, it is crucially important for Bolivia to have good road connections

Denali Range Mt McKinley Alaska North America

Can you Drive to Fairbanks Alaska?

You can drive to Fairbanks, Alaska from other locations in Alaska as well as from the Continental United States via Canada. Fairbanks’ location in the central part of Alaska makes it a significant travel and transport hub. The city has connections with Prudhoe Bay to the north via the Dalton

Can you Drive to Skagway Alaska?

You can drive to the city of Skagway in Alaska by using the Klondike Highway. The highway runs 441 miles from the Yukon Territory in Canada, all the way to the Alaskan Panhandle where Skagway is located. The most common starting point for driving to Skagway is from Whitehorse, the

Can you Drive to Port Protection Alaska?

You can drive to the small community of Port Protection but only with the aid of several ferries, a bumpy road, plus plenty of time and money. The Port Protection community is located on the northern tip of the remote Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. As the island has

Awesome panoramic view of Yukon mountains Alaska

Can you Drive to Barrow Alaska?

It is not possible to drive to the city of Barrow, Alaska as it’s remote location north of the Arctic Circle means it is not connected to the main Alaskan road network. The northern coast of Alaska where Barrow is situated experiences a harsh arctic climate with permafrost, ice and

Panoramic view of the harbor with a fishing boat sailing in the distance in Sitka, Alaska.

Can you Drive to Sitka Alaska?

It is not possible to drive to the city of Sitka, Alaska as it’s located on the remote Baranof Island in Alaska’s Inside Passage. The island is a considerable distance from the mainland and is covered in heavy impenetrable forest. These insurmountable geographical features mean there are no road connections

Panoramic view of Pikes Peak

Can you Drive to the Top of Pikes Peak?

You can drive to the top of Pikes Peak by using the well-maintained toll road known as the Pikes Peak Highway. The toll road begins in the town of Cascade, Colorado and and winds its way up the mountain for approximately 19 miles to the very summit of Pikes Peak.

The Bering Sea along the Russia coast in the Chukotka Region

Can you Drive from Alaska to Russia?

It is not possible to drive from Alaska to Russia as the two areas are separated by the waters of the Bering Strait, meaning there is no land connection between the two areas. Despite the extreme conditions and freezing temperatures in the area during the Northern Hemisphere winter, the waters

View of Fairbanks from the ocean

Can you Drive to Anchorage Alaska?

It’s completely possible to drive to Anchorage, Alaska from both the Continental United States or Canada. For this journey you’ll need a passport, an intrepid nature and a vehicle able to withstand the rigours of travelling along the Alaskan Highway. It’s a wonderful road trip to undertake with some of

Can you Drive to Ketchikan Alaska?

Unfortunately it is not possible to drive to the beautiful city of Ketchikan in Alaska as it doesn’t have any road links to the mainland. Ketchikan is situated on Revillagigedo Island and there are no bridges or road connections from the island to the U.S. mainland. Revillagigedo Island is located

Can you Drive to Nome Alaska?

It is not possible to drive to Nome in Alaska as there are no roads that connect the city to the rest of the state or the continental United States. Nome is situated in the far west of Alaska on the Bering Sea coast and it is over 500 miles

Wildflowers and mountains in the surrounding areas of Juneau

Can you Drive to Juneau Alaska?

It is not possible to drive to Juneau in Alaska as there are no road connections into or out of the city. The terrain that surrounds Juneau is extremely rugged with numerous mountains and glaciers, which are impassable by car. The closest major road to the city is the Haines

The Drummond Island ferry

Can you Drive to Drummond Island?

You can drive to Drummond Island, but only by using the car ferry that connects the island with the Michigan mainland. The Drummond Island Ferry traverses the short distance across the St. Mary’s River and connects DeTour Village on the mainland with the western tip of Drummond Island. Once you’ve

Can you Drive to Antelope Island?

You can Drive to Antelope Island by using the Antelope Island Causeway which connects the island with the Utah mainland. The giant causeway stretches for an impressive 7 miles across the Great Salt Lake and connects the northern tip of Antelope Island with Syracuse on the mainland. Building and maintaining

Panoramic view of the gigantic Perito Moreno glacier, its tongue and lagoon in Patagonia in golden Autumn, Argentina

Can you Drive to Argentina?

You can drive to Argentina from each of the 5 surrounding countries with which it shares a land border. Multiple border crossings exist between the neighboring countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It’s also possible to drive to Argentina from the U.S. as part of an epic Pan-American

Panoramic view of the lighthouse, headland and beach at Byron Bay

Best Time to Visit Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a popular year-round destination and one that can be visited at any time throughout the year. However, the best time to visit is generally during mid-spring in October or mid-Autumn in April. At these times, the weather and sea temperatures are warm, so you can still relax

View across Paradise Bay in Antarctica

Can you Drive to Antarctica?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to drive to Antarctica as no roads or bridges link it with the nearest continent of South America. It is separated by over 1000 km of the Southern Ocean, an area known as the Drake Passage. Such a distance with incredibly inhospitable conditions makes the prospect

Cascading water at Angel Falls

Can you Drive to Venezuela?

You can drive to Venezuela from neighboring Brazil and Colombia as well as from the U.S. as part of an epic Pan-American road trip. However, any road trip to Venezuela shouldn’t be taken lightly, as there are considerable political issues and safety concerns. The fact the border with Colombia has

Aerial view of Lake Coatepeque

Can you Drive to El Salvador?

It’s possible to drive to El Salvador from the U.S. as well as the neighboring countries of Guatemala and Honduras. El Salvador’s location to the south of Guatemala means it’s a considerable distance from the U.S. border. However, with some ambition, good planning, and a well-maintained vehicle, it’s certainly possible

Aerial view of Leon in Nicaragua

Can you Drive to Nicaragua?

It’s possible to drive to Nicaragua from the U.S. or any of the other countries of Central America. It’s not always an easy journey with a significant amount of miles and bureaucracy involved, but it’s a journey that will reward the intrepid traveller. Nicaragua is situated on the Pan-American Highway,

Best Time to Visit Port Douglas

Tropical Port Douglas is best visited during the dry season, from April through October. This period falls across the Australian late autumn, winter, and early spring seasons, with warm, dry, and generally clear days. While there’s some sporadic rainfall at this time of year, it’s significantly below the levels of

The arch of El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

Can you Drive to Cabo San Lucas?

You can drive to Cabo San Lucas by using Mexican Federal Highway 1. This extensive road runs the whole length of Baja California, commencing in Tijuana by the U.S border and ending in Cabo San Lucas in the far south. The road runs down the west coast of northern Baja

Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro

Can you Drive to Brazil?

You can drive to Brazil from 8 of the 10 South American countries with which it shares a border. These countries are Argentina, Bolivia, French Guyana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. Due to the thick impenetrable rainforest of the Amazon basin, there are no road routes between Colombia or

A beach and the emerald waters of Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Is Halong Bay Worth Visiting?

Halong Bay is absolutely worth visiting and is an essential part of any visit to Vietnam. The area will particularly appeal to nature lovers, as it is set in a marine park that covers 600 square miles of ocean and islands. Within the boundaries of the park you’ll find hundreds

Giant termite mounds against a deep blue sky in Kakadu National Park.

Best Time to Visit Kakadu National Park

In general the best time to visit Kakadu National Park is during the dry season that runs May through October. During this time the days are largely warm and dry with humidity notably lower. The conditions create the perfect environment to visit the park and all of the major attractions

The Kok Lek Temple in Penang

Best Time to Visit Penang

The fascinating Malaysian island of Penang is best visited during the period November through March. This period follows the end of the monsoon season and is the driest period of the year. As Penang is located in the tropics there will still be the odd shower, but days are largely

Aerial view of the Blind Pass Bridge connecting Captiva Island and Sanibel Island

Can you Drive to Captiva Island?

You can drive to spectacular Captiva Island using the Blind Pass Bridge, which connects the island with neighboring Sanibel Island. It’s a relatively short bridge crossing the 50-meter-wide Blind Pass waterway. Sanibel Island is in turn linked to the mainland by the 3-mile-long Sanibel Island Causeway. By traveling over these

Sunset over Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse in Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island.

Can you Drive to Kangaroo Island?

You can drive to pristine Kangaroo Island using the Kangaroo Island SeaLink vehicle ferry service, which runs to and from the island multiple times daily. Ferries travel between Cape Jervis on the mainland and Penneshaw on the island in just 45 minutes. The ferry crossing across the Backstairs Passage is

Aerial view of Cape Bruny Lighthouse.

Can you Drive to Bruny Island?

You can drive to Bruny Island, but only by using the Bruny Island Ferry to cross the D’Entrecasteaux Channel that separates the island from the mainland. Running between Kettering on Tasmania and Roberts Point on Bruny Island, the ferry takes just 20 minutes to cross the channel. Despite Bruny Island’s

Views from the Knox Lookout in Karijini National Park

Best Time to Visit Karijini National Park

The spectacular Karijini National Park is best visited during the months of May through September, which falls across the late autumn, winter and the early part of spring. By visiting at this time of year, you avoid the blistering heat that characterises the late spring, summer months and early autumn.

Coral Bay and Bills Bay at sunrise in Western Australia

Best Time to Visit Coral Bay

The spectacular Coral Bay in Western Australia is best visited from April through October. During this time, you’ll be able to make the most of the sensational beaches and the beautiful coral gardens, just a matter of meters into the crystal clear waters. While the weather is excellent throughout the

King George River Gorge in Kimberley, Western Australia

Best Time to Visit the Kimberley

The rugged and remote Kimberley region is best visited during the dry season that runs from May through to October. During this period the days are warm and dry with lower humidity than at other times of the year. The temperatures are also marginally cooler during this period, which is

Aerial view of Cape Range National park and the Ningaloo Marine Park, Exmouth, Western Australia

Best Time to Visit Exmouth

The remote resort town of Exmouth is best visited during the period April to September, which falls across the Australian autumn and winter. During this time of year days are warm and dry with very little rain. By visiting at this time of year you will also avoid the extreme

The famous Natures Window in Kalbarri National Park.

Best Time to Visit Kalbarri

Spectacular Kalbarri is best visited during the autumn months when the days remain warm and dry, but the high winds of the spring and summer months have eased. At this time of year, you can make the most of this laidback town’s natural attributes, including some great beaches, a spectacular

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