Steve King

Steve is Amazing Trip Idea’s lead writer and a serial traveler. Setting off for his first overseas adventure with friends at the age of just 16, he has now traveled to over 70 countries. Despite a mortgage, wife, two children, and a dog, Steve’s passion for travel and exploring new destinations is undiminished.

Steve knew from a young age that he didn’t want to live a conventional 9 to 5 existence. A year spent traveling either side of University failed to dampen his enthusiasm for discovering new and exciting destinations. After building a successful business in London, he spent two years traveling throughout the Balkans, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Along the way, Steve acquired incredible travel knowledge and an American wife!

While the last ten years haven’t been quite so prolific from a travel perspective, Steve has continued to travel to new and exciting destinations. During this time, extensive travel in the USA, Australia, and Europe has given him the knowledge and expertise to craft some of our most popular guides. Expect his huge passion for road trips, national parks, and hiking to be reflected in his various guides and articles.

Steve now lives in Poole, UK, and splits his time between travel writing, family, and as much travel as he can get away with!

Steve King at Pyramids of Meroe Sudan